Jnr Captain Club

Guided by the Captain, children have a chance to take the helm of The Trent Lady. Any child celebrating a birthday with a Children's Party Cruise will automatically be enrolled into the club. Junior Captains Club is only available to those between 2 - 16 years of age.

To qualify for membership of the Junior Captains Club the member must have captained the Trent Lady (under the guidance of the Captain of the day) and will need a membership/ enrolment form completed which must be authorised by Parents/Guardians There is also a small membership fee.

Once a member they will receive a personalised club membership card, members badge, certificate of captaincy, a chance to assist The Captain of the day on future cruises, a free welcoming drink on future cruises, regular news letters, will be able to participate in competitions, receive a Loyalty Card to gain rewards and will receive Personal Invites Special Junior Captains Club Cruises.

From a parents point of view the Membership Card will be numbered, which in turn, will, if carried, double as an identification card in the event of emergencies (ICE). Our Junior Captains Club Cruises will have educational elements built into them and timed to show some of the best elements of Mother Nature at work. There will be no charge for any Junior Captains' place when celebrating their birthday onboard The Trent Lady. If so desired we will send a preview of the Junior Captains Club News Letters prior to being sent to the members, so parents can vet the content and elect to opt out. There are also special cruise rates for adults and guests when attending Junior Captains Club Cruises.