Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions by our customers before booking a cruise. If these do not answer all your questions, please phone us on 0115 9100 507.

Q: How long are the cruises? A: Depending on which type of cruise you have selected, the duration is normally either 2, 2.5 or 3 hours in duration but this can be extended if required.

Q: How far does the cruise go? A: We generally sail in a large lazy loop setting off from our moorings, to Wilford Church, turning there and then cruising to Holme Pierrepoint, The home of The National Water Sports Centre and then returning to our moorings.

Q: Can we be picked up/dropped off at a different location? A: Public Cruises on The Trent Lady sail from The Park Yacht Inn and Public Cruises on The Nottingham Crusader sail from either The Park Yacht Inn or Colwick Country Park. You will be informed of the departure point at the time of booking. Alternative departure/return points (if accessible for our boats) can be pre-arranged with our Bookings Office for Private Charter Cruises, but the whole party must board/disembark at the same point and unfortunately we cannot pick-up/drop-off individual passengers at alternative locations.

Q: Are children allowed on cruises? A: Children are allowed on most daytime cruises, however, under 18s are only allowed on evening cruises if it is a Private Charter or if there are 35 or more guests, which gives exclusive use of either The Trent Lady or The Nottingham Crusader without the need to Private Charter.

Q: Do we need ID? A: The same licensing laws apply on the boats as in any pub or club, therefore, any passenger lucky enough to look under 25 years of age, will be asked to produce current photographic identification as proof of age prior to being served an alcoholic beverage. On cruise packages with an "Over 18s only" age restriction, we reserve the right to refuse entry to the boat to any passenger unable to produce current photographic identification as proof of age, when asked.

Q: Can we smoke onboard the boats? A: It is illegal to smoke indoors at any venue in the United Kingdom and the same law applies onboard our boats. There is a small open fore-deck on The Trent Lady (accessible from the lower deck) and on The Nottingham Crusader where passengers are permitted to smoke. Electronic cigarettes are only permitted in the designated smoking areas.

Q: Do you cater for vegetarians? A: Trent River Cruises offer vegetarian options for all meal choices offered, but these do need to be ordered prior to the sail.

Q: Can we bring our own catering? A: Unfortunately own catering is not usually permitted mainly due to Health Regulations and endorsements in our insurance, with the exception of St John Cruises on The Nottingham Crusader or Educational Cruises, where packed lunches are permitted, providing a disclaimer is signed prior to the cruise. Celebration cakes are allowed.

Q: Can we decorate the boats? A: You may bring your own decorations, but please note that we do not allow silly string, party poppers or indoor fireworks/sparklers. Normal birthday cake candles are permitted. Decorations may be fixed in place with blu-tack or low-tack tape only, no pins or staples please! Please contact the Bookings Office to discuss what time the boat will be available for you to decorate for your cruise. Trent River Cruises can decorate the boat for you for an additional fee, please contact the Bookings office for more information.

Q: Can we get married on the boat? A: At present we are not permitted to hold a licence to marry people onboard the boat. Wedding blessings are permitted either onboard The Trent Lady or The Nottingham Crusader or on our picturesque moorings.

Q: Can we perform a scattering of ashes ceremony on the boat? A: We offer a Private Charter Package for the scattering of ashes. These cruises are usually one hour long and we sail to a secluded section of the River Trent to allow passengers to perform the ashes scattering ceremony with as much privacy as possible.

Q: Do you do All Inclusive Cruises? A: The short answer to that is no. The main reason for this is to allow our customers more choice, due to the diverse range of products stocked on our bar, most of which would be excluded from a standard All Inclusive Package, which typically only include "house" drinks. Also we do not actively encourage binge drinking. You may however, run a bar tab if you wish, which must be settled prior to disembarking the vessel.

Q: Is there any heating onboard the boat? A: Both boats have central heating, which is very effective.

Q: Is the boat completely covered or is there an area to stand outside? A: The main saloons of both boats are completely covered but both The Trent Lady (accessible from the lower deck) and The Nottingham Crusader have an open fore-deck.

Q: Are there any toilets onboard the boats? A: The Trent Lady has toilets situated on both decks, one on the upper deck, which is large enough to accommodate a wheelchair and two on the lower deck. The Nottingham Crusader has two toilets, one in the front saloon and a disabled toilet in the rear saloon.

Q: Is there Disabled Access? A: The Nottingham Crusader was purpose-built for disabled passengers and has full wheelchair access throughout the passenger areas with disabled toilet facilities in the rear saloon and low windows throughout to ensure a good view for wheelchair users. On The Trent Lady, the upper deck has access for wheelchairs, which may appear to be a little strange, it being on the upper deck, but we actually board passengers on the upper deck via a loading ramp. There is also a toilet on the upper deck, which is large enough to accommodate a wheelchair. Unfortunately there is no disabled access onto the lower deck of The Trent Lady, as passengers must access this deck either via the onboard stairs or via three steps onto the "crew entrance" at the bow of the boat.

Q: What are the Bar Prices? A: Whilst we do not have the buying power to compete with some of the High Street pub chains, we aim to be comparable to the run of the mill pubs & clubs. A full bar menu with prices can be obtained by contacting our Bookings Office.

Q: Is there a Parking Area? A: There are two main parking areas adjacent to our Park Yacht Inn moorings with a good amount of free parking. If you are sailing from Colwick Country Park, you have the choice of either parking in the free carpark at the Fishing Lodge and walking round the lake to the Crusader's moorings or you can pay £2.00 to drive through the barrier into the park. There is ample parking close to the Crusader's moorings.

Q: Can we catch the bus to the moorings? A: The Citylink 2 Nottingham City Transport Bus from Nottingham to Netherfield stops at the top of Trent Lane South (get off at the stop next to Aldi on Daleside Road), which is a 7 minute walk from the moorings at the Park Yacht Inn, but this only runs until 7pm in the evening and does not run at all on Race Days at Colwick Racecourse. Both the Citilink 2 and the 44 Nottingham City Transport Buses stop near entrances to Colwick Country Park but there will be a 15-20 minute walk to get to the Crusader's moorings from the bus-stop.

Q: Will there be taxis waiting at the moorings at the end of our evening cruise? A: There is no taxi rank at The Park Yacht Inn. We recommend that you pre-book taxis as Nottingham's taxi companies are very busy at 11.00pm, when the boat docks, and there can be a long wait for a taxi, especially at weekends. On Friday and Saturday evenings we offer a bus service for passengers from the boat moorings into Nottingham City Centre for an additional fee, but this must be pre-booked if required and cannot be arranged on the night of your cruise.

Q: What nightclub do we get tickets for? A: On Friday and Saturday evenings we currently offer tickets for free queue-jump entrance into Oceana Nightclub in Nottingham City Centre. These tickets are complimentary and can be used to gain free entrance into Oceana before midnight on the date of issue only (please note that dress code and age restrictions may apply). We can also arrange transport from the boat moorings to the nightclub for an additional fee, but this must be pre-booked if required and cannot be arranged on the night of your cruise.