Karaoke Cruise

What can you say about Karaoke? Love it or Hate it, it is very popular!! Whatever your views are, it is normally a laugh and don't forget, some people really can sing!! The down side? There's no nipping across the road for a quick pint as Uncle Joe murders Angels!!

What People Say:

"Great food & Drink & the entertainment was spectacular (in every way)"

Kirsty J, Nottingham

Karaoke is available as an upgrade to our Disco Party Night Cruise or our Curry Night Cruise. Please note that if you require karaoke to be added to your cruise package, this must be arranged in advance and cannot be requested on the night of your cruise.

from £23.50

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  • Three hour cruise
  • Friendly Staff
  • Disabled Access
  • Galley Griddle
  • Fully Stocked Bar
  • Ideal for Celebrations
  • Entertainment
  • Free Club Admission
  • Year Round Sailing