Current Covid-19 restrictions

As of 30th October 2020, Nottinghamshire has been placed into the Very High Tier 3 category of government restrictions. These restrictions will be in place until at least 26th November 2020. During this time people are advised against travelling into a Tier 3 area from other areas and households are not permitted to mix indoors or in outdoor private spaces. Hospitality venues can only remain open if they are serving meals. This will affect some of our bookings. If your booking has been affected, we will be contacting you shortly.

See below for the extra measures we have put in place to ensure our venue is Covid-secure and to keep passengers and staff safe:-

As always, the safety of our crew and passengers remains our highest priority and, with this in mind, we have altered our standard operating procedures in line with current government guidance. We have completed a risk assessment and have identified and implemented control measures to reduce the risks of transmission of Covid-19.

Although we already operate a high standard of cleanliness and we thoroughly clean our boats with antibacterial cleaners prior to, and after, each cruise, we will be taking extra measures by applying a Covid-19 disinfectant fogger machine solution to the entire boat at the end of each day’s sailings, which will sanitise and disinfect all surfaces and soft furnishings. We will also ensure that the toilets are cleaned with antibacterial cleaner at least once during each cruise, as well as before and after.

Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance to the boat and at various stations within the boat. We also recommend that passengers thoroughly wash their hands after using the toilet facilities and antibacterial handwash will be provided for this purpose, as well as posters showing the most effective handwashing technique. All crew will wash their hands more regularly than usual and will also have access to hand sanitiser to use between serving customers.

We have reduced our seating capacity and altered our boarding and disembarking procedures to ensure that we can maintain social distancing between passengers and that upper and lower deck passengers can be kept completely separate. Please note that this may mean that it takes a little while longer to board the boat or to leave at the end of your cruise, so we ask you to please ensure that you arrive promptly at your designated boarding time and to allow extra time after the cruise if you are travelling somewhere else.

We have reduced the cruise packages and menus that are available to customers in order for us to be able to comply fully with government guidance and restrictions. Customers must remain seated throughout the cruise and all food and drinks will be served to your table. We strongly advise customers to consider whether cruises will be suitable for younger children who may find it difficult to remain seated for two to three hours. The outer decks will be out of bounds to all passengers until further notice. This means that there will no longer be a smoking area available to customers during the cruise.

To avoid contamination, tables will not be laid prior to your arrival. Your server will bring everything you need to your table. We ask for your patience as you may find that service has been slowed by the necessary procedures to minimise contact between kitchen and serving staff as well as between serving staff and customers.

To reduce contact between customers and staff, all drinks consumed onboard will be charged in one single transaction. We suggest that for any transactions of £5.00 or more, contactless card payments are used wherever possible. All cruise monies must be paid in advance to our Bookings Office either by card or by Bank Transfer.

Unfortunately, we will not be allowing customers to bring balloons, decorations or birthday cakes onboard our boats until further notice.

In order for us to operate safely, we also need the help of our customers. You will be required to maintain a minimum of one metre distance between other passengers, crew and yourselves at all times. You must also ensure that you do not attend one of our cruises if you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19. Please note that you may have your temperature checked on arrival prior to boarding the boat. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone displaying symptoms of coronavirus or to refuse passage to anyone not following safe practice onboard.

We will be recording staff rotas and keeping the contact details of each party’s organiser for a minimum of 21 days in order to comply with the government’s NHS Track and Trace system. For privacy reasons, we will not request the contact details of every passenger, but the party organiser must ensure that they have their entire group’s contact details, just in case they are needed to be traced at a later date.

We have updated our staff training and Domestic Safety Management Code to ensure that all staff both on the boats and in our Bookings Office are aware of the new regulations and what is expected of them to ensure that they can work safely and effectively. All crew will be wearing face masks at all times onboard the boat. Passengers must wear face masks while moving around the boat but can remove them when seated at their tables.

In the event of us being made aware that a passenger or crew member has tested positive for coronavirus, we will deep-clean the boat and all crew members who have come into contact with that person will be required to be tested and self-isolate. Contact details for passengers and crew who may have been affected will be passed onto the government’s Track and Trace scheme.

We appreciate that a Trent River Cruise may be slightly different than any you have experienced before due to the new government restrictions, but we are confident that we have taken all possible steps to ensure that we can deliver an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone. If you require any further information on our Covid-19 policies and operating procedures, please contact our Bookings Office who will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

We hope to see you soon!

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